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Health & Wellbeing

Here at Wundowie Primary School, Health and well-being is paramount in a school environment, as they significantly impact students' ability to learn and thrive. Schools play a crucial role in promoting physical and mental health, ensuring that students have the necessary support and resources to lead healthy lives. To address physical health, we offer the Breakfast Club, physical education programs, and health education classes that teach students about nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being. This holistic approach helps students develop healthy habits and maintain good physical health, reducing the risk of chronic conditions.

Mental health is equally important, and schools are increasingly focusing on providing resources to support students' emotional well-being.  We have a school chaplain and psychologist, who offer individual and group therapy, helping students cope with stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. We also implement anti-bullying initiatives and create safe spaces for students to discuss their emotions and experiences.

These efforts aim to reduce stigma surrounding mental health issues and foster a supportive and empathetic school culture.

Promoting well-being extends to the school's broader community. We often organise events and workshops for parents, emphasising the importance of family involvement in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Additionally, teachers and staff receive training in recognising signs of distress in students and are equipped to offer support or referrals when necessary. By prioritising health and well-being, we can create an environment where students can excel academically while also developing into healthy and emotionally resilient individuals.

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