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Wundowie Primary School recognises that literacy involves writing, reading, viewing, listening, and speaking. We believe that all students should be given an opportunity to write, read and be read to each day. We recognise literacy as the foundation for success in all learning areas and an essential skill for students to become successful learners. We encourage our students to take risks through their literacy learning and teachers ensure that literacy skills are integrated throughout all areas of learning.

At Wundowie Primary School, learning is differentiated for the different needs of each student and is a combination of individual, small group, and whole class learning. We believe in using written, verbal and hands-on activities to accommodate all learning styles. Students are involved in their learning through setting learning intentions and success criteria. Our students are exposed to a rich print environment and a variety of language and literature. Our teachers create programs which are purposeful, connected to real life contexts, as well as reading and writing for pleasure.

Students are given the opportunity to reflect on their learning, given timely feedback and their progress is tracked. Diagnostic assessments are conducted at the beginning of each year to inform the starting points of each student. Ongoing assessment throughout the year is used to monitor student growth as achievements occur and to identify at risk students. Summative assessment is conducted at the end of each year to continue to track student progress. Standardised testing such as NAPLAN is also used to inform whole school literacy goals and focuses. Our students reading progress is tracked using a physical data wall.

Wundowie Primary School uses subscription-based programs such as SoundWaves, Reading Eggs, CARS and STARS as well as Initial Lit and Pre-Lit in our Early Years Programs. We also provide at risk students with intervention programs such as MiniLit and MaqLIt. Our teachers follow the structured writing program of Talk For Writing and assess and track writing progress through the program BrightPath.

Our Literacy Scope and Sequence is based on the WA Curriculum, as well as incorporating The Early Years Learning Framework.

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