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(Languages other than English)

Students from Year 3-6 are engaged in Indonesian, taught by our Specialist Teacher.  Children in K-PP are learning Noongar with our Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer (AIEO).

This cultural insight fosters tolerance and empathy, enriching personal interactions and relationships. Additionally, mastering another language enhances cognitive skills such as problem-solving, multitasking, and memory, contributing to improved academic performance and career prospects. Proficiency in a second language also enhances communication skills, making individuals more effective and articulate communicators in both their native language and the acquired language. Furthermore, it opens doors to diverse career opportunities, particularly in global industries and international relations. Beyond the professional sphere, learning a LOTE is a pathway to cultural exchange and travel, enabling individuals to immerse themselves in new cultures and build lasting connections. Overall, the benefits of learning a LOTE are far-reaching, encompassing personal growth, academic achievement, and global citizenship, making it a valuable pursuit for individuals of all ages.

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