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Humanities & Social Science

At Wundowie Primary School the study of humanities focus on the study of human culture, art, and expression, exploring the depths of human creativity, thought, and emotions. They foster critical thinking, empathy, and cultural awareness. Humanities at School analyse literature, art, and history to decode the complexities of human existence. By doing so, they encourage a deeper connection to our shared heritage and the development of empathy and understanding across diverse cultures.

Social sciences, on the other hand, delve into the systematic study of human behaviour, societies, and institutions. They provide insights into how humans interact, organise, and adapt to their environments. These disciplines help us understand social phenomena, from individual behaviour to global issues like climate change and economic inequalities. Social scientists apply rigorous research methods to investigate patterns and trends, enabling us to make informed decisions, solve societal problems, and improve the human condition.

Together, the humanities and social sciences offer a holistic perspective on humanity. They help us grapple with questions about our past, present, and future, fostering critical thinking, promoting cultural enrichment, and providing tools for addressing contemporary challenges. By combining the two, we gain a more comprehensive understanding of our complex world, ultimately shaping a more enlightened, compassionate, and socially responsible society.

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