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Science means knowledge. In reality this means that it is about observing the world that we live in, questioning the parts that you don’t understand and then searching to find the answer. At Wundowie Primary School, students of all ages are provided with a variety of opportunities to learn about science and therefore understand the world in which they live.

Our Science curriculum is designed to cultivate a deep understanding of fundamental scientific principles while fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills among young learners.  From Kindy to Year 6, students engage in hands-on activities and inquiry-based learning experiences that promote exploration of the natural world. Through age-appropriate experiments, observations, and investigations, children develop foundational knowledge across various scientific domains such as biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences. The curriculum emphasises not only the acquisition of scientific facts but also the development of key skills like problem-solving, communication, and collaboration, preparing students to become informed citizens in an increasingly complex and technology-driven world.


Teachers utilise a range of teaching strategies and resources to cater to diverse learning needs and interests, fostering an inclusive and engaging learning environment. Moreover, interdisciplinary connections are encouraged, allowing students to see the relevance of science in everyday life and its connections to other subjects such as mathematics, technology, and the humanities. Through a balanced approach that integrates scientific knowledge with practical skills and critical thinking abilities, we aim to inspire a lifelong appreciation for science and empower students to become informed decision-makers and innovators in the future.

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